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Here at efinity we like to do things a little differently.
With over 20 years of providing robust, reliable IT solutions we know what it takes to give our clients exactly what they need.
You won't find us hiding away in our offices. We like to get out and see our clients and pride ourselves on the relationships we have with them. We get to know them and we get to know how they work. By taking this more personal approach we are able to provide more bespoke solutions that do exactly what the client needs.

We don't oversell or offer upgrades you don't need or will never fully utilise. The services and solutions we provide are built around a careful understanding of you, your staff, your business and how it operates. We mainly provide solutions for the SME sector but also work for larger organisations usually as part of a large development/solutions team.

efinity is a full service consultancy which means we don't specialise in any given area we are the classic all rounders. We can install your servers, build your networks, secure your environment and even build your website.

Below are some of the services we provide. If you have a project in mind and you'd like a no obligation open discussion about it then please contact us and we'll schedule some time in the diary.
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I.T. Solutions
We design, install and maintain I.T. Systems. From complete client-server systems to just building and configuring desktops, printers, routers and switches etc. We also develop software. Our latest project has been a bespoke client management system. It's cloud based so staff away from the office can access it just as easily as those in the office. Just an example of what we can do.
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I.T. Support
We offer various support packages. These range from a simple monthly maintenance package to comprehensive 24 x 7 packages. We are also happy to quote for one off ad-hoc issues that arise from time to time.
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Responsive Web Design
Powerful, responsive "one size fits all" websites are a specialty of ours. Make sure your website looks good on any device. Our design team are highly exerienced in this field. We'll make you stand out from the crowd on any device. Not a template in sight. We start from scratch!!!
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Disaster Recovery
We plan and implement solid disaster recovery solutions. A proactive approach to disaster recovery is a must. Planning for the worst prevents the worst. Our DR solutions, once implemented, are robust, easy to manage and very comprehensive.
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Anti Virus Solutions
Our Anti virus solutions are quiet but very effective. Virtually invisible to your users our AV works unnoticed in the background. No annoying pop ups every 5 minutes just extensive easy to manage protection right across your business.
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Remote Access Solutions
We can implement a fast secure way for your employees to have access to your systems whilst out of the office. These solutions are incredibly secure and enable your staff the same access to your systems as they would have when sat at their desks.
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Search Engine Optimisation
Get your website noticed.
Through the use of tools such as Google Analytics and correct coding techniques we can ensure that your website will score well on any SEO Report. We'll get your site local ranking on search engines.
Ask us for a free SEO Report today to see how your site scores.
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Bespoke Software
Sometimes "off the shelf" products aren't quite right for our customer's needs. Here at efinity we can develop software that caters for your exact requirements. Customer management databases, case management systems, asset tracking and fleet management are a few examples.
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Other Services
Other Services
We also provide an extensive range of other services to enable you to do more business in a quicker more, efficient timescale. Whether it be staff training, social media campaigns or just good old fashioned advice. We are here to help.
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