Who Are We?

efinity are a small privately owned I.T. Solutions provider based in North Lincolnshire.
The company is wholly owned by our Managing Director, Darren Davies.
Darren has worked in the IT sector since he graduated from Bournemouth University in 1999. Starting off with a company that provided high end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions Darren quickly had to develop his technical skill set for use in this high paced, ever changing environment. This saw him gain strong skills with infrastructure, database technology and project management.
In August 2000 Darren went to work for British American Tobacco at their Asia Pacific head offices at Pagewood in Sydney, Australia as a migration consultant. This was as part of a team that facilitated a change from the now defunct Novel Netware to a Windows 2000 Network which at the time was one of the biggest migration projects in the world.

12 months on and a move back to the UK saw a change of direction and Darren became Webmaster / Lead developer at the Tog 24 clothing company. The West Yorkshire based clothing manufacturer had a successful retail business but needed to develop an on-line presence. Over a 12 month period Darren developed Tog 24's first e-commerce solution. It was an instant success and tog24.com was born and is now a household name for outdoor clothing and ski wear.

Moving back into the manufacturing sector and over the next 10 years Darren worked as an IT Manager for various companies throughout the South Yorkshire region.
These roles were all hands on technical roles and all involved replacing old technology with new. A few projects became migration projects and because of his experience on the British American Tobacco project these were all carried out smoothly with minimal downtime and in the case of one such company involved an office move of 100 staff to a new purpose built office.
The staff there logged out of their Novel Netware systems in the old building for the final time on a Friday evening and logged into their new Windows Server environment in their new offices on the following Monday morning. Thanks to careful project management the transistion was seamless and there was zero downtime.

A final employed position saw Darren move into the legal sector working as an IT Director for a start up law firm in Hull. A big online presence being one of the major requirements of the business a reliable robust infrastucture was needed. Again Darren built the systems from the ground up.
The servers to support both the staff and the large web presence were all built and managed in house by Darren and his IT team. Darren also designed and maintained the company's website which was several thousand pages and documents in size and was all membership based . Again this was all hugely successful and lead to the company becoming a market leader and now one of the biggest law firms in the UK.

So with a strong track record of designing, and implementing IT solutions Darren formed Efinity IT Solutions with the sole aim of providing small businesses the knowledge and support they need to be competitive in a world where carefully planned and managed IT is now a necessity.

So whether you have an infrastucture project, a support requirement or you need an on line presence you can be sure that we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with what you need.

If you have a requirement you'd like to discuss with us please get in touch.